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Rock and Roll is Alive and Well and Living in D.C.

Please excuse the embryonic state of this effort to document the D.C. rock and roll scene. Currently, the Facebook page is kept much more up to date, as is the Instagram page if you dig squares.



Due to recent events in the news, all upcoming roXplosion sponsored events have been postponed. Updated information about re-scheduling the following events will be posted here and on the Facebook:

Dangerous Sessions: Extra Heavy

This will compete for the heaviest Dangerous Sessions ever! Caution is advised as three of the area's heaviest and hardest rock outfits tease your ears and tickle your cockles:

Dangerous Sessions: Rage

If you dare to traverse the triangle of heavy rock, you will find the following nestled at the apices:

Kalypso Blue: An Evening with Shagwüf

Live from the shores of Lake Anne in Reston; Kalypso's and roXplosion present a full evening of entertainment in the latest installment of Kalypso Blue. This is a free show (even the parking is free)!

Shagwüf describes themselves as

Psychedelic gutter glam. Swamp metal. Rap rock. Riot grrrl anthems. Bilingual party band based out of Charlottesville, VA providing a safe space for POC, LGBTQIA, immigrants and lovers of hair-flipping, back bending rock n roll.

There must be some kind of way outta here? There is. Put another dime in the jukebox, wash your hands, and please stay tuned. Baby.

...home brew from a wooden cup

A photographic chronicle of the D.C. rock and roll scene... with a bit of flare and a little flair and pixels to spare like we just don't care.

Coming soon:


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