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Rock and Roll is Alive and Well and Living in D.C.

Please excuse the embryonic state of this effort to document the D.C. rock and roll scene. Currently, the Facebook page is kept much more up to date, as is the Instagram page if you dig squares. Just getting started on the Mastodon

Concert promotion? For years the finest DC venues have hosted live shows curated by roXplosion, with lineups drawn from the best of DC, the surrounding area, and many distant lands. Full list: a roXplosion Presents!


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More shows? Yes! Stay tuned for updates about:

  • Punk Rock Parking Lot
  • Savory Sessions
  • Kalypso Blue
  • More!

2022 Highlights (so far):


Kalypso Blue:

  • May: Wanted Man
  • September: Wanted Man

Lake Anne Live:

  • July: Shakin' Woods
  • July: Crush Funk Brass
  • July: the Mostly Bad Virus

Runaway Rox:

  • August: Dirt Eater, Railgun, Tomason, #guitarsofdc featuring Selena Benally

Savory Sessions:

  • May: the Meer, Fake Bodies, Mid, Druid Stone, #guitarsofdc featuring Monica Smith
  • June: the Kerosene, Fuzz Voyage, Grady, #guitarsofdc featuring Herschel Hoover
  • July: Company Calls, Eliza & the Organix, Liability, #guitarsofdc featuring Ryan Plummer
  • November: Unsullied, Sister Ex, Peter Le × Depth Charge

This Could Go roXplosion

  • May: Sheila, Monte, More AM Than FM, Winter Wolf, #guitarsofdc featuring Evan O'Neal

2021 Highlights:


A roXplosion Presents:

  • December: Kromanauts, BOAYT, Railgun, Herschel Hoover, #guitarsofdc featuring Julie O

Kalypso Blue:

  • May: Turtle Recall
  • July: the Jones
  • August: Shagwüf
  • September: Sam Gunderson & the Cactus Groove, Chris Timbers

Punk Rock Parking Lot (Epicure Cafe):

  • April: Space Koi, the Kerosene
  • May: Public Figures, Company Calls, Tired all the Time
  • June: Outerloop, Trajectories, Railgun, Suzi Moon
  • August: Rise Defy, Sister Ex, Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, BOAYT

Savory Sessions (Pie Shop DC)

  • September: Eat the Cake, More AM Than FM, Celebration Summer, the Bobby Lees
  • October: Julie Outrage, New Order of Existence, Flooded
  • November: High-Brid Band, Full Bush, Blkvapor, #guitarsofdc featuring Kenny Pirog

2020 Highlights:


Dangerous Sessions (Pie Shop DC):

  • January: Lightmare, North by North, Fake Bodies
  • February: the Bobbie Lees, More AM Than FM, Teen Mortgage
  • March: Some Kind of Nightmare, Thaylobleu, NOE

Punk Rock Parking Lot (Epicure Cafe):

  • August: Sheila, A Shrewdness of Apes
  • August: Company Calls, Venray
  • September: The Kerosene, Lindsay Collette, NOE
  • October: BOAYT, Teen Cobra, Weird Babies

Reston Skate Punk (Lake Fairfax Skate Park):

  • October: Sheila, Celebration Summer, Teen Mortgage, Ain't no Mountian High Enough

There must be some kind of way outta here? There is. Put another dime in the jukebox, wash your hands, and please stay tuned. Baby.

...home brew from a wooden cup

A photographic chronicle of the D.C. rock and roll scene... with a bit of flare and a little flair and pixels to spare like we just don't care.

  • No #$%¶ing filters!
  • No flash!
  • No b/w!
  • No foolin'.

Coming soon:

  • Live streaming!
  • Blogs?
  • Photography tips (make your own roXplosion™?)
  • Extensive indexing— performers, venues, related organizations, apertures, palettes?
  • Coffee mugs? (probably not)
  • Koozies... yup!
  • More photos...!


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