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Please excuse the embryonic state of this effort to document the D.C. rock and roll scene. Currently, the Facebook page is kept much more up to date, as is the Instagram page if you dig squares.


November 17th (Friday)

A roXplosion Presents: Riot•RadaR•Riots

Three delicious courses of DC rock & roll, served with pizza and beer!
$10 • 10pm • All ages
Full details on the
Facebook event page.

Yet another installment of "A roXplosion Presents" semi-regular concert series, this time with a little punk, a little pop, a little funk, and a whole lotta fun! StereoRiots are fresh off the heels of recording "Ghost Machine" and you can't wait to hear it! RadaR calls themselves "a rock band" and swirls new-wave, pop-punk, electronica, and attitude into their shows, and you can't wait to hear it! Rocket City Riot? Are they hard rock? Metal punk? Or simply high energy rock and roll? Decide while listening to them and eating a delicious Comet Ping Pong pizza.
First 10 people to the show win a free roXplosion koozie!

Many more roXplosion events to be announced soon!

...home brew from a wooden cup

A photographic chronicle of the D.C. rock and roll scene... with a bit of flare and a little flair and pixels to spare like we just don't care.

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