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Punk Rock Parking Lot

The year was 2020. A pandemic ravaged the earth, music and many other performing arts did what was responsible and hibernated. Yet— the sirens longed to be heard! Music fans longed to hear!

Thus, in August of that year was born a radical idea: punk rock bands, playing outdoors, in a socially distanced environment. By necessity, this was in a parking lot. Punk Rock Parking Lot emerged and became part of the global reawakening of live music! Punk Rock Parking Lot continued into 2021, featuring some of the finest music acts to ever appear on or near a parking lot.

Alas— as with many venues, this one did not survive the storm. But the idea— the concept— the legacy— did not die! Punk Rock Parking Lot was revived in 2023, alternating between two locations on either side of Washington DC: Fairfax and Burtonsville. Fans can now enjoy free shows, once a month, at Fat's Fairfax and the Iris Garden Bar. The rebirth has been a tremendous success, once again highlighting some of the DC area's premere acts as well as the bands everyone will soon be talking about.

Punk Rock Parking Lot will be coming to D.C. soon, stay tuned!


Coming Soon:

More shows? Yes! Stay tuned for updates about:

Kalypso Blue (Lake Anne, Reston):

Punk Rock Parking Lot:

... and more! Careful curations of venues and lineups for 2024 are in progress, featuring the music you want to hear today with a big spotlight on the music you'll be hearing tomorrow. Stay tuned!

2024 Highlights (so far...):


Kalypso Blue

Punk Rock Parking Lot

2023 Highlights:


Kalypso Blue

π Day

Punk Rock Parking Lot

Quarry Rock

Savory Sessions

This Could Go Boom! Showcase

2022 Highlights:


Kalypso Blue:

Lake Anne Live:

Runaway Rox:

Savory Sessions:

This Could Go roXplosion

2021 Highlights:


A roXplosion Presents:

Kalypso Blue:

Punk Rock Parking Lot (Epicure Cafe):

Savory Sessions (Pie Shop DC)

2020 Highlights:


Dangerous Sessions (Pie Shop DC):

Punk Rock Parking Lot (Epicure Cafe):

Reston Skate Punk (Lake Fairfax Skate Park):

There must be some kind of way outta here? There is. Put another dime in the jukebox, wash your hands, and please stay tuned. Baby.

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