Capital Rock & Roll


Please excuse the embryonic state of this effort to document the D.C. rock and roll scene. Currently, the Facebook page is kept much more up to date, as is the Instagram page if you dig squares.


A roXplosion Presents: Kalypso Blue

November 29: Bongo District

Bong District brings its fusion of funky reggae music and Latin American soul to Kalypso's Sports Tavern in Reston. Free show!

More details on the FB.

Dangerous Sessions

December 13: Caustic Casanova ♦ Eat the Cake ♦ Queen Wolf

Friday the 13th will bear one of the hardest hitting Dangerous Sessions to date. This lineup is loud and heavy, a musical awakening, and... all out of bubblegum. Get ready to see some kick ass sludge metal, a wolfpack quartet, etc., etc., etc. Where? The Pie Shop, of course!

On the fence? Learn more here.
Ready to commit? Tickets on sale here.

A roXplosion Presents: The Greatest Concert Ever

December 27

Think about it—

More information and updates can be found here.


More shows are being baked n' brewed, stay tuned for more announcements soon!

...home brew from a wooden cup

A photographic chronicle of the D.C. rock and roll scene... with a bit of flare and a little flair and pixels to spare like we just don't care.

Coming soon:


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