Live Gig Term Sheet

Hire roXplosion for your live gig!

Rather than lots of legalese, the following basic terms ought to cover what to expect when hiring roXplosion for live concert photography. Note that this covers live performances, and not posed promo shots.

Expectations of the band:

  1. Securing permission for a photographer (obviously venue dependent). This includes "the list".
  2. Performing in a venue that is reasonable for the quality of photos expected (see more details below).
  3. Not standing in the pitch black sections of the stage (sometimes a problem!).

Expectations of roXplosion:

  1. At least three (3) photos of each band member, meaning that musician is the primary subject of the photo.
  2. At least two (2) photos of the whole stage, if the dimensions of the venue allow for it.
  3. Delivery via link to a zip file of hi-res (20Mp+) jpeg files of the photo set after processing, free of any watermarks or overlays, within two (2) business days.
  4. If requested, up to ten (10) specified files in TIFF format.
  5. Assignment of "unlimited use indefinite lifetime" license for the images (i.e. you can do whatever you want with them forever).
  6. Publishing of ten to twenty selected photos on the roXplosion Facebook and/or Instagram pages, with tags and links to the band.


What's listed above is the bare minimum to expect, but of course to maintain a reputation roXplosion will strive to exceed expectations. Typically, a 30 minute set of a four person band will require 150 shots to ensure roXplosion standards are met. Of these, 50 to 60 will be "keepers" and these are delivered to the band. Most of the keepers will be high quality files ready for re-use in print or online. There may be some that are of lesser quality, but nonetheless captured an expression or something else that intuition compels keeping rather than deleting. Bands with more musicians will typically result in a larger set of photos, and shorter performance times will result in smaller sets.

Musicians located near the front of the stage, or in better light, will usually end up with more shots than the three noted above. There will also be many shots with two or more musicians, but it is impossible to promise specifics because so much of that is dependent on factors outside the control of roXplosion. Effort will be made for special requests ("make sure you get me standing on the double bass!"), but of course that is difficult to predict in advance how that will work out. Extra off stage photos (e.g. posed promo shots in the green room) might be possible if time and circumstances permit.

Important! Under no circumstances will roXplosion use a flash! Quality of the resulting images is dependent on stage lighting by the venue, or supplied by the band. It is not uncommon to notify the light jockey that a photo shoot will be taking place, and request slightly brighter lights (even if just for part of the set). Of course, gritty low light shots might be acceptable— or even preferable— and every attempt will be made to make sure expectations are within reason. In practice this is rarely an issue, all major venues have lighting that is more than sufficient without any additional attention necessary. House show basements, however...


Washington, DC metro area. Pricing assumes a DC beltway(ish) location. There is a $20 surcharge for Baltimore or Fredericksburg.

How much?

For a band with up to four musicians, playing in a D.C. venue, the charge is $65. Each additional musician is $5. If hired by more than one band at the same event, each band gets a $10 discount.


Payment can be made in advance via Paypal or in cash at the show.