Promo Parade of Hits!

Curated Concerts: a roXplosion Presents

The rosters of events curated by roXplosion have featured many of the most talented musicians and bands one could hope to witness performing, at the finest small and mid-sized venues in the DC area.

Appearing on "A roXplosion Presents," including Savory Sessions, Dangerous Sessions, Punk Rock Parking Lot, Ping Pong Punk, This Could Go roXplosion, The Greatest Concert Ever™, An Independence roXplosion, Kalypso Blue, Lake Anne Live, and Lake Fairfax Live:

••••Caustic Casanova
•••••Company Calls
•••••Fake Bodies
••••the Kerosene
•••••Lud Roes (fka Avery & Ella)
•••••••More AM Than FM
••••••the Meer
••••••New Order of Existence
••••Teen Mortgage

••the Bobby Lees
•••Buko Buko
••Celebration Summer
••Dirt Eater
••East Coast Offense
••Eat the Cake
••Eliza & the Organix
••Fake Radio
••Herschel Hoover
••the Jones
••Julie Outrage
••Lindsay Collette
•••Ménage À Garage
••North by North
••Peter Le × Depth Charge
•••Rise My Dead Ones
••Sister Ex
••Some Kind of Nightmare
•••Wanted Man
••XK Scenario

•Ain't no Mountain High Enough
•All the Smoke
•An Awful Panic
•A Shrewdness of Apes
•Black Dog Prowl
•Bongo District
•Brickwall Monty
•Crush Funk Brass
•the Courtland Experiment
•Curse Words
•Druid Stone
•Elizabeth II
•the Escape Artist
•Evan O'Neal
•the Fed
•the Feed
•Fixed Bias
•Full Bush
•Fuzz Voyage
•the Glares
•Grace Vonderkuhn
•Heavy Breathing
•Heinous Crime
•High-Brid Band
•Higher Numbers
•Holiday Death Tribute
•Ian Mabley
•Jay Hutchinson
•Jenny Hates Techno
•Joe Jordan
•Karen Culi
•Kay Blank
•Kenny Pirog
•Killing Dayzies
•Kinda Evil
•Kulfi Girls
•the Let Go
•Liquid TV
•Mickie & Mallory
•Modest Goddess
•Mona Speaks Mountains
•Monica Smith
•the Mostly Bad Virus
•the Mostly Dead
•Natural Velvet
•Old Knife
•the OSYX
•the Out of Water Experience
•Pagan Reagan
•Park Snakes
•Paul Makarov
•Piramid Scheme
•Public Figures
•Queen Wolf
•Red Feather
•Rise Defy
•Robert Mays
•Rocket City Riot
•Ryan Plummer
•Sate Slumber
•the Sebastions
•Selena Benally
•Sex Faces
•Shakin' Woods
•Ski Queen
•Space Koi
•Stop Worrying & Love the Bomb
•Super Silver Haze
•Suzi Moon
•Take the Cake
•Teen Cobra
•Throwdown Syndicate
•Tired all the Time
•Trivial Difference
•Tula Vera
•Turtle Recall
•Weird Babies
•When Particles Collide
•Winter Wolf


Concerts promoted by roXplosion have also included:

Cherry Tree
Don Zientara
Dr Robinson's Fiasco
the Duskwhales
Hayley Fahey
Justin Trawick and the Common Good
Kid Brother
Lisa Said
Local H
Lousa Hall
Nardo Lilly
Oh He Dead
Olivia & the Mates
Owen Danoff
Party Like It's
Pebble to Pearl
Raspberry Pie
Short Lives
Soldiers of Suburbia
Soylent Green
Split Seconds
Stone Driver
Throwing Plates
Two Ton Twig
Virginia Southpaws

Venues featuring roXplosion promoted events have included
(to date):

the Black Cat
Comet Ping Pong
DC Brau
the Dew Drop Inn
Epicure Cafe
the Evening Star
Fat's Fairfax
Iris Garden Bar
Jammin Java
Kalypso's Sports Tavern
Lake Anne Plaza
Lake Fairfax Skate Park
McLean VFW
Nightclub 9:30
the Pie Shop
the Pocket
the Public Option
Quarry House Tavern
the Rock & Roll Hotel
the Runaway
Slash Run
Smith Public Trust
Union Stage
the Vanguard Arts Center
the Velvet Lounge